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Weekly WMSURE Workshops

WMSURE offers weekly workshops that include one-on-one and small group advising for students. The Summer workshops will be held at 4:00 PM via Zoom on June 2nd, June 16th, June 30th, and July 14th.

Our upcoming events are listed on the Events Calendar.

Summer 2021 Workshops

The Summer 2021 workshops will focus on undergraduate research. WMSURE scholars will be discussing their research goals and providing weekly updates on WMSURE-funded projects.

Students and faculty are welcome at all of our events. Please contact co-directors Prof. Iyabo Osiapem,, and Prof. Katherine Barko-Alva,, for more information. Also, see for a description of our program, resources for students, and office hours.

Date Workshop Description


June 2, 2021





Summer 2021 Kickoff!

At our first workshop we will discuss your research goals and expectations for this summer.




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June 16, 2021 




Research Presentations

Danna Garcia- Reenactments: A Researched Narrative Comic Based on Augusta County Ghost Folklore

Sophia Haile- Examination of the Disparate Effects and Practices of the American Juvenile Criminal Justice System

Sierra Johnson- Noncustodial Parental Linguistic Influence on Offspring of Single Parent Households in Black Families

Ogechukwu Okoli- Reducing Neural Bias: A Study of Implicit Bias and its Effect on Outgroup Pain Response





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June 30,  2021

Research Presentations

Camryn Claude- Open-mindedness in Islamic and Western Thought

Breyonna Rock- A History of Inequity and Resistance in Education: A Story Map of Educational Inequities in Williamsburg, VA

Lauren Payne- Exploring educational inequalities from the past to the present in the Williamsburg Area

Salimata Sanfo- The Black Stories Project

Ruth Hailemeskel- Adverse Childhood Experiences, Ruminative Thinking, and Adult Substance Use: A Cross-Cultural Examination

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July 14,  2021 




Research Presentations

Rainah Ward- Black Williamsburg: The Local Black Histories Project

Ekua Biney- Social Facilitation of Eating Behavior

Dylan Abrokwa-Jassor- Disproportionate Use of Discipline Against Black Adolescents In Williamsburg Schools

Alton Coston III- Comparison of Malcolm X's Personal Development to My Own: How to be Empowered and Original as a Black Person in the 21st Century



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