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W&M Scholars

WMSURE students and mentors

Aligning with William & Mary’s mission as a vibrant and inclusive community, William & Mary Scholars Awards are presented each year to a group of academically distinguished students who will add to our impactful community, representative of individuals with diverse backgrounds, talents, and experiences. Students selected receive a scholarship covering at least the full cost of in-state tuition and fees

Research Opportunities

W&M Scholars may also participate in the W&M Scholars Undergraduate Research Experience (WMSURE), which includes mentored support for academic success and undergraduate research.

W&M Scholar: Who Is Selected?

Award selection is competitive, and all applicants for first-year admission are automatically considered with no separate application needed. W&M welcomes nominations from school counselors to help identify outstanding W&M Scholars candidates, but this is not required for consideration or selection.

Top consideration is given for the following three areas. Consideration is also given for individual and school context, including adversity and challenges overcome. Award preference for in-state students, with a handful of awards available to out-of-state students.

  • Academic Ability and Potential

    Outstanding academic achievement demonstrated through a challenging, college-preparatory curriculum that often places them among or near the top decile of students in their class.

  • First-Generation or Limited-Income

    First-generation and/or limited-income students (i.e., Pell Grant eligible).

  • Interest in Diverse People & Perspectives

    Demonstrated experience and interest in bridging differences and embracing diverse people and perspectives.


W&M Scholars Undergraduate Research Experience (WMSURE) supports W&M Scholars through workshops, guidance, networking and social opportunities designed to encourage an interest in academic research. This unique program builds community while providing resources and mentorship to pursue undergraduate research experiences. Career-readiness and leadership opportunities prepare scholars to continue research at the graduate level.

Guidelines for the Award

  • Renews Annually

    The award renews each year as long as a student remains enrolled.

  • Covers In-State Tuition & Fees

    The award value equals the total cost of in-state tuition and standard fees (not inclusive of housing, food, books, course fees, study abroad fees, etc.).

  • Includes Up to Eight Semesters

    Eligibility is limited to eight semesters of undergraduate study. Coverage is not available during summer.

  • Will Combine with Other Aid

    This award can be combined with other scholarships and financial aid. However, when combined with any other grants received from W&M or outside sources, the total combination of awards cannot in any year exceed the full, university-determined cost of education for that year.

  • St Andrews Joint Degree Programme

    Additional St Andrews tuition above the cost of regular in-state tuition and fees will not be paid through the W&M Scholars Award.

Questions or Feedback?

If you are considering applying to W&M and have questions about the W&M Scholars Program, please email [[access]]

If you are a W&M Scholar and have questions or ideas relating to WMSURE, please reach out or come visit during office hours.

Scholars are encouraged (but not required) to participate in any WMSURE activity during their time at W&M. Non-W&M Scholar students may participate in WMSURE events, but the activities are primarily developed for W&M Scholars.