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COLL 200: Academic Disciplines

These courses are about the academic disciplines - about where their practices intersect and diverge, and the various ways they approach questions of evidence and conclusions.

COLL 200 courses are "anchored" in one of the three knowledge domains. They also "reach out" to one or both of the other knowledge domains, highlighting commonalities and differences among disciplines. It's likely you'll have an opportunity or two to put a methodology you study into practice.

{{youtube:small:right|w3sorFiZz1I,COLL 200: Victorian Animal Dreams}}This part of the College Curriculum encourages you to make coherent and meaningful interconnections across the academic disciplines. You'll take at least one COLL 200 anchored in each of the three knowledge domains.

So, for example, you might take a COLL 200 course designated as the Natural World and Quantitative Reasoning (NQR) knowledge domain that also considers aspects of the Arts, Letters, and Values knowledge domain. Then you'll choose at least two more COLL 200 courses designated as Culture, Society, and the Individual (CSI) and Arts, Letter, and Values (ALV). For students entering in the 2021-22 academic year, a total of 9 COLL 200 credits are required.

{{youtube:small:left|3Q19ItspVTY,COLL 200: Historical Perspectives on Science}}

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