Other Requirements

Electives in the Knowledge Domains

You choose one elective course in each of the three knowledge domains. Look for courses carrying the attributes ALV, CSI, and NQR.

Creative and Performing Arts Requirement

You choose at least two credits in a course that teaches a creative or performing art. This requirement is satisfied by a course at any level that carries the designation ARTS in the Undergraduate Catalog. Examples include: music, dance, theatrical performance or other creative expression.

If you started at W&M in 2014 or 2015, this is the Active Learning Requirement. Look for courses designated ACTV.

Foreign Language Proficiency

You must demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language at the 202 level at William & Mary. See the COLL Planning Guide for details.

Mathematics Proficiency

This one-course requirement can be fulfilled in several ways. See the COLL Planning Guide for details.

Pre-matriculation Credits (AP/IB)

AP/IB credits are accepted toward the 120 credits to graduate, but they can't be used as a substitute for COLL courses. If you have pre-matriculation credits, you can plan to apply them to elective courses - including the three electives in the knowledge domains, to some courses in the major (this varies by major), and to satisfy proficiencies.

A Few Other Things

Various other rules and requirements (e.g., ten semester rule, credit hour residency) come into play as you complete your requirements for graduation. These are described in detail in the Undergraduate Catalog.