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COLL 100: First-Year Experience

COLL 100 is about big questions and big ideas. You will investigate the significant concepts, beliefs and creative visions, theories and discoveries that have shaped our understanding of the world. You will encounter and learn about the discoveries, texts, and knowledge that are fundamental in one or more academic disciplines. You'll become more adept at culling information and using it effectively.

{{youtube:small:right|riTi9AbGkvc, COLL 100: Critiquing the American Dream}} You'll also develop your abilities to present and defend your ideas in ways that go beyond writing. COLL 100 projects may be visual, quantitative, oral, digital, or some other creative presentation.

You'll take one COLL 100 course in your first year, with a COLL 150 course in the other semester. The order doesn't matter.

Search PATH for attribute type "College 100" for courses and descriptions. {{youtube:small:left|czjDR2uNZZQ, COLL 100: Cosmology and the History of Wonder}}