William & Mary

Undergraduate Program

The Religious Studies Department offers a wide range of courses in the world's religions and in approaches to studying them. Students may choose from the following areas: Introductory Studies in Religion, Biblical Studies, Studies in Asian Religions, Judaic Studies, Studies in Islam, Studies in Religious Ethics, Studies in Western History and Thought, and Studies in American Religion. Those completing the Major are familiar with Eastern and Western Religions and theories of religion, and they can discuss them critically. Students who want to really dig into a topic do Independent Studies with a professor of their choice, or write an Honors Thesis in their last two semesters. Some professors are involved in research that students can assist with, and the College provides funding for such work.

Majors go on to a wide range of careers. Many do graduate work in Religious Studies, History, or related fields as preparation for teaching. Some go into law, medicine, government, international service, business, and the ministry. The interdisciplinary nature of Religious Studies leads many students to complete a second major - recent grads have done that with History, Philosophy, English, and Music.