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Faculty Updates

Religious Studies Faculty Updates January 2022

Faraz Sheikh
Ideal Muslim subjectivity: W&M professor presents two views in new book

Faraz Sheikh, assistant professor of religious studies at William & Mary, has published a new book, “Forging Ideal Muslim Subjects: Discursive Practices, Subject Formation, & Muslim Ethic,” which discusses the forms a religiously-informed, ethical Muslim life can take.

Advisors to Operation Warp Speed view vaccine shipment facility
W&M alumni coordinate vaccine distribution with Operation Warp Speed

When the Food and Drug Administration granted emergency use authorization for the first coronavirus vaccine, Operation Warp Speed’s distribution plans sprang into action — and so did two William & Mary alumni.

Prof. Kirsh speaks with the Flat Hat Magazine

Visiting Assistant Professor of Judaic Studies, Prof. Kirsh speaks to Ellie Kurlander of Flat Hat Magazine about her research and career as a historian and educator

Abby Comey's First Novel "Minnesota Nice"

Minnesota Nice is about Lucy and Cumar—two teenagers who represent radically different corners of the same small town outside Minneapolis.

Secular Misfits: What Humanistic Jews and Ex-Muslims Can Teach Us About Religion:

Dr. Joseph Blankholm of UC-Riverside spoke at W&M Feb 26th. Being secular does not always mean being nonreligious. Deconverting from Judaism, for instance, does not simply unmark a person as Jewish, which remains a cultural or ethnic identity even after rejecting religion. Like secular Jews, ex-Muslims face unique challenges, and being betwixt and between is awkward. These secular misfits are creating new and important ways of being secular and religious that are not properly either. Bursting the seams of these categories, they help us see clearly their construction.

Dr. David Gushee: Moral Leadership in a Divided Age

David Gushee, Distinguished University Professor of Christian Ethics and Director of the Center for Theology and Public Life at Mercer University, gave a lecture drawing from material in his recent book, Moral Leadership for a Divided Age.

A pilgrim's reward

George Greenia has garnered a prestigious international award. In June he will travel to Mexico to receive the 2019 International Prize Grupo Compostela–Xunta de Galicia.

What the devil? Raft goes empty in annual debate

Students, faculty and staff, and members of the community flooded the Chesapeake rooms in the Sadler Center on March 14 to watch the annual Raft Debate in which three professors, deserted on an imaginary island, represented their disciplines in an battle for a single spot on an imaginary raft.

W&M's annual Raft Debate set for March 14

The 2019 Raft Debate, a much beloved William & Mary tradition, will be held at the Sadler Center in Chesapeake ABC, on March 14 at 6:30 p.m.

RELG 391: Theory and Method

Find out about the exciting research projects of our students in RELG 391: Theory and Method in the Study of Religion

W&M is studying the future, now

President Katherine Rowe presided over The Future of Knowledge Tuesday, part of an ongoing effort by the new president to gather feedback from the William & Mary community around three themes: the future of knowledge, the future of work and the future of service.

Fall Tack Lecture rescheduled for Oct. 9

The Tack Faculty Lecture on Oct. 9 will be delivered by Anne Rasmussen, professor of music and ethnomusicology and the Bickers Professor of Middle Eastern studies at William & Mary. She'll strip away the many misconceptions Westerners hold about music, women and the Muslim world.

Meyers-Stern scholarship

Two Myers-Stern Scholarship winners describe their time studying in Israel.

Students moved by modern memorials of Holocaust sites

William & Mary students toured Holocaust sites this summer to look at the Third Reich, national socialism and the Jewish people in Germany and Prague through a modern lens.