Undergraduate Program

The study of Psychological Sciences has application in many fields, and the department encourages all undergraduate students to sample broadly from our selection of courses. Many of our courses are listed as GER courses and satisfy those requirements. Non-majors often take courses that complement another area of study they’re interested in.

Psychological Sciences majors may declare a B.A. or B.S. degree. Many of our majors build a program of coursework that emphasizes another field on the natural side (e.g., Biology, Kinesiology) or the social side (e.g., Anthropology, Sociology). Neuroscience, which is broadly interdisciplinary, is also popular.

A distinguishing feature of the Psychological Sciences Department is the many and varied opportunities for undergraduate students to participate in hands-on research. We attract and support faculty members who are recognized for excellence in research; and we integrate research opportunities throughout our undergraduate and graduate programs, so that students at all levels gain an understanding of the relationships among theory, research, and application.

For additional information not found on this website please contact the [[lbbolden,Psychological Sciences Program Administrator]].