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Faculty who do research in developmental psychology at W&M.

Danielle Dallaire
  • Children's social and emotional development; effects of maternal incarceration on their children;  attachment; developmental psychopathology. [[w|dhdall]]
Catherine A. Forestell
  • Development of odor and taste perception, flavor preferences, and their role in obesity; role of early experiences in development of addictive behaviors; women’s and children’s health. [[w|caforestell]]
Matthew R. Hilimire
  • Cognitive aging; aging and emotion. [[w|mrhilimire]]
Pamela S. Hunt
  • Developmental psychobiology; fetal alcohol and memory [[w|pshunt]]
Paul D. Kieffaber
  • Neural correlates of cognitive decline in aging and age-related disorders. [[w|pdkieffaber]]
Madelyn Labella
  • Risks and resilience; trauma and chronic stress; self-regulatory development; evidence-based parenting interventions. [[w|mhlabella]]
Peter M. Vishton
  • Cognitive, perceptual, and motor development; interaction of vision and action systems. [[w|vishton]]
Janice Zeman
  • Development of emotion in regulation in children and adolescents; emotion socialization by parents and peers; cross cultural factors in emotion processes. [[w|jlzema]]