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Offering outstanding academic programs in American history

The National Institute of American History & Democracy offers three outstanding programs. The two stellar academic programs on the collegiate level focus on American History, Material Culture, and Public History. Students at William & Mary may participate in the Collegiate Program while students from other colleges and universities can enroll in the Semester-in-Residence Program. The third program, the Pre-College Summer Program in Early American History, teaches high school students about American history "on-site" at historic sites, museums, and archaeological locations throughout Virginia.


NIAHD hopes to increase its funding and eventually build an endowment. We encourage parents, alumni, businesses, and foundations to support the institute and its programs and to make gifts to the NIAHD as an annual part of their charitable giving. Gifts to the NIAHD and W&M are tax-deductible according to 501(c) regulations of the IRS code.

The institute and all three programs survive through support from W&M and private gifts. Annual unrestricted gifts are critical to the NIAHD and make it possible for the NIAHD to continue. NIAHD uses gifts to support the hiring of instructors and staff for all three programs. Private gifts also make it possible to assist students in the summer with limited scholarships. Private gifts from parents, students, and foundations assist greatly in keeping the institute operating from year to year.

Methods of Giving

Unrestricted gifts can come to the NIAHD in several ways:

  • Gifts made online through our website (see below)

You can contribute online now with your credit card, using our secure web server. The contribution form will be pre-selected to direct your gift to the NIAHD fund, which gives us the most flexibility in meeting student and faculty needs.

Matching Gift Program

Many companies encourage employees, their families, and retirees to make charitable contributions by matching their philanthropic support. Matching gifts can double, or even triple, the impact of your gift. Your Human Resources office will be able to tell you if your employer has a matching gift program and provide details on how to secure the matched funds. You may also use W&M's Matching Gift Search page to see if your company has a match-giving program.

For More Information

To further explore giving options that will be meaningful and beneficial to you, please contact [[as-development, Arts & Sciences Development]].

Gifts supporting the departments and programs of Arts & Sciences at W&M are tax-deductible according to regulations governing section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code.