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Where to Start

Many of our musicology courses - including music history courses, as well as courses that explore music and technology - do not have prerequisites and are open to all W&M students. Several meet COLL requirements, including COLL 200 and Knowledge Domain requirements. See the Undergraduate Catalog for a complete list of courses. Check the Open Course List or Dynamic Schedule for courses scheduled in upcoming semesters.

Getting Started with Music Theory and Composition Courses

Music 201, Tonal Theory I, is a requirement for both the music major and minor. It is also required before you take advanced music theory courses or composition and conducting courses. It has a prerequisite, MUSC 101, Introduction to Tonal Theory. If you are considering a degree in music, or plan to take a composition or conducting course some day, here's how to get started:

  • If you have no experience with music theory, start with MUSC 101, Introduction to Tonal Theory. Note that credit for this class may not be used towards the music major or minor, but may count towards the 120 credits required for graduation.
  • If you have taken the AP test in Music Theory, contact [[bdwhiting, Professor Ben Whiting]] during registration to get the proper overrides.
    • An AP score of 4 will place you into MUSC 201.
    • An AP score of 5 will place you into MUSC 202.
  • If you think that your experience should place you into a higher level theory course, contact Professor Whiting. He will give you a placement exam. The exam can be taken at any point during the year. If you place into a music theory class above MUSC 202, request an override from Professor Whiting during the registration period of the semester you wish you take your course.
Getting Started with Applied Music Lessons

We offer both private and group lessons in instrument and voice, spanning several different styles of music. You will work closely with our instructors to develop a unique lesson plan that fits your needs and skill level.

Fees for applied lessons are $453 per credit hour and are non-refundable after the add/drop period each semester.

If you are registering for lessons for the first time, please fill out the Applied Music Information Form [pdf]. Return the completed form to the Scheduling Coodinator, or directly to the instructor. Details...

Getting Started with Ensembles

You can earn one academic credit every semester you perform in a department ensemble. Up to 14 credits earned by non-music majors through ensemble performance may be applied to the 120 credits required for graduation. Majors and non-majors are welcome to audition for departmental ensembles. Most auditions are held at the beginning of fall semester, but students should consult the webpages of each ensemble or contact the ensemble's conductor for more details.