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Study Abroad in Cadiz, Spain

In the Cádiz summer program, you will earn a total of 9 Hispanic Studies credits (8 in summer +1 spring semester research prep class) through Spanish-language course work and on-site research. Classes with University of Cádiz professors include the study of language, cultural history, and contemporary Spanish music and film. As part of your classes, you will explore the rich cultural heritage and dynamic popular traditions that characterize this seaside city. You will also complete a research project under the supervision of the W&M Resident Director.

Students live with Spanish families in Cádiz, Spain, the oldest city in Western Europe. Cádiz is a small city of about 160,000 inhabitants situated on the southernmost coast of Spain. It is renowned for its flamenco music and its history. It was the site of Julius Caesar's first public office and the seat of Spain's original Parliament. Spain's first constitution signed there in 1812. Many cultures have called Cádiz home, and the city preserves their legacy in its monuments, museums, plazas and picturesque narrow streets. Cádiz is also known for the traditional hospitality of its people, which makes it an inviting place for students. Details/Apply