Study Abroad

Important Note: If you are going to study abroad for a semester or a full year, you must first  register with The Reves Center. The registration is available at The Reves Center Website.

The German Studies Section at the College of William and Mary strongly recommends that students study in a German -speaking country for a summer, a semester, or a full year. Study abroad in a German-speaking country is typically arranged in one of three ways:

  • Through a W&M program semester or year abroad at the Universität Münster
  • Through a program administered by another American university
  • Through the William and Mary Summer Study Abroad Program in Potsdam
  • Through direct enrollment at a German or Austrian university or summer program

The fourth option is primarily for students who have an excellent command of German, exhibit a strong degree of independence, and can navigate through the German University system (which is known to be highly bureacratic and difficult!). This option also requires that students obtain course grade certificates (Scheine) from their professors and document all the work they have done while abroad.

Here are links to some programs we recommend:

Also note that the Fulbright Commission offers both research fellowships and a number of English Language Teaching Assistantships (ETAs)  in both Germany and Austria that are particularly attractive for students who are interested in pursuing a teaching career. For information regarding the Austrian English Teaching Assistantship Program managed by the Fulbright Commission please click here.

However you decide to study abroad in a German-speaking country, students are required to consult with the Program Director of the German Studies section before departure and to fill out a Transfer Credit Pre-Approval form, which specifies which courses are to be taken and the W&M equivalences for such courses and the estimate of the number of credit hours to be granted.

Upon returning to W&M, students are required to fill out a Transfer Credit Post-Approval form, have it signed by the Program Director, and submit it to the Global Education Office at the Reves International Center.