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Undergraduate Research

At William & Mary, undergraduate students are involved in all levels of Kinesiology. There are many ways to get involved with research in our department.


Many of our courses will introduce you to the standards and concepts of research in our discipline. In courses with teaching laboratories, you will learn technical skills you can use in your own research or on the job.

Research Assistants

Our undergraduate students serve as research assistants in faculty-run research labs. Talk to the professor running a laboratory that interests you to find out about current opportunities. Our research assistants are frequently noted as co-authors on published work.

Independent Research

When you conduct independent research at W&M, you are trying to answer questions that go beyond a specific course. There are several ways you can earn academic credit for independent research in Kinesiology.

  • Independent Study (KINE 470, 471) - Independent study projects involve researching literature, reading, and writing a paper. It's a great chance to explore a topic in more depth than is possible in a regular course. Talk to faculty who are doing research related to the topic you want to explore to see if they will serve as your instructor for this course.
  • Kinesiology Research (KINE 480, 481) These independent, semester-long research projects involve laboratory or field research under the supervision of a professor.
  • Honors (KINE 495 and 496) - Honors projects are an opportunity for qualified students to conduct a project of their own design over the course of a year.

Internships (KINE 498) include a literature review, readings, and a written report related to your experience.

Funding for Undergraduate Research

The research done by our faculty is often supported by external grants. These grants usually allow for funds to support research assistants - especially if they are working on a project full-time through the summer. Talk to the professor running the laboratory you're interested in for current opportunities.

Funding for undergraduate research is coordinated through the Charles Center. If you wish to conduct an Honors project, you may apply for an Honors Fellowship. Scholarship Central lists non-W&M grants and fellowships for research and internships. It can also point you towards funding opportunities for conducting research abroad.