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Doing an internship is an excellent way to see what life is like in a Kinesiology profession. Most professional graduate schools, including medical schools, look for internship experiences as part of their applications.

In order to earn the 3 credits for an internship, you will complete at least 90 hours of work on-site and write a 10 page literature review paper. You can complete all of the internship hours during the semester that you are in the course, or you can complete the hours for the internship during the summer or winter break. The internship experience  may be on campus or off campus, paid or unpaid. The Internship for Academic Credit form [pdf] MUST be completed and approved by the Deans for Undergraduate Education before you can start collecting your internship hours. After it is approved you can then register for KINE 498. You may only register during the registration window of the semester in which you will earn the credit.

Applying for an Internship for Academic Credit
  1. Locate a professional to be your mentor for this internship experience. Please reach out to one of the following based on your internship interest:  [[ascott01, Alison Scott]] (public health), [[enburnet, Evie Burnet]] (PT or OT), [[aeeverhardt, Ashleigh Queen]] (PA or nursing), or [[mbharr, Brennan Harris]] (athletic training, personal training, or nutrition).
  2. Discuss your plans with [[mbharr, Prof. Harris]], [[enburnet, Prof. Burnet]], or [[aeeverhardt, Prof. Queen]] to make sure your proposed internship meets all requirements.
  3. Complete the Internship for Academic Credit form [pdf]. This form must be completed and approved before you start your internship. Prof. Harris, Prof. Burnet, or Prof. Queen can help you with the form. The form must be signed first by the supervisor at your internship site, then by Prof. Harris, Prof. Burnet, or Prof. Queen and submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs.
Completing Your Internship
  1. Keep a daily log of your internship hours to verify that you have completed at least 90 hours.
  2. Complete a literature review research paper related to your internship. This paper should be at least 10 pages on a topic directly related to your internship. It should include research references from refereed sources. It must be in APA format. Prof. Harris, Prof. Burnet, or Prof. Queen will review the paper one or two times to help you with the format. This paper will satisfy the Major Writing Requirement in the Department. This paper is due at the end of classes for the semester you are getting credit for the course. It is a great idea to complete it well before this date because you will be busy with your other courses.
  3. Complete a one page self-evaluation of your internship experience and have it sent to the faculty member in Kinesiology in charge of the internship.
  4. Have the site supervisor complete a confidential evaluation form that is mailed directly to the faculty member in Kinesiology in charge of the internship.