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Major Requirements for International Relations

The International Relations program offers a B.A. in International Relations. A major in International Relations includes courses from at least four departments: Economics, Government, History, and Sociology. The program currently does not offer a minor. 

The International Relations major requires a minimum of 37 credits.  The major includes core requirements in the four main disciplines: political science, economics, history, and sociology.  Additionally, you are required to take an appropriate methods class, a capstone, and a number of electives. The major requirements are detailed in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Each semester there are additional topics courses approved for International Relations credit. These courses can be viewed on the Electives and Capstones page.

In choosing courses, you are encouraged to work with your major advisor to identify the best combination of courses to take given your interests and which language(s) you should study to fulfill the language co-requisite. 

If you want to explore the major, take Government 204, Economics 101 and 102, and History 192 as soon as possible. These courses provide an overview of subjects covered by the major and are the prerequisites for INRL 300.

First Semester Course Guide by Major

Noted Requirements
Second Language Requirement:

The International Relations major requires intermediate proficiency in a modern language other than the native language of the student. The student can meet this requirement in two ways:

  1. Option #1: Study one modern language. You may continue with the modern language you used to meet the College requirement or choose another language. You must take two courses above the 202 level.  The courses must be taught in the target language.
    For example: 202 language proficiency in Spanish + two courses above 202 in Spanish
  2. Option #2Study two modern languages. You may continue with the language you used to meet the College requirement and then select a second language.  You must achieve the 202 level in both of the languages. The courses must be taught in the target language.
    For example: 202 language proficiency in Spanish + 202 language proficiency in Russian

Please note that 203 is a combined version of 201 and 202, allowing you to take both of these classes in one semester. It is only equivalent to 202, however, and does not count as a course above the level of 202.

If you are a native speaker of a language other than English, consult with your advisor about meeting the IR language requirement using your native language.

Major Writing Requirement (MWR)

The major writing requirement is satisfied by completing the capstone course, independent study, or honors project.

Major Computer Proficiency Requirement (CPR)

International Relations majors satisfy the computing proficiency by completing the methods course requirements.