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Fall 2024 Electives and Capstones

In addition to regularly scheduled electives and capstones, the courses listed below are available for the Fall 2024 semester and are approved for IR credit — please make sure you have the prerequisites.

If you plan to take a course for major credit that is not on this list, but has international-relations content, please contact either the Program Director or the Director of Advising.

ECON 300-01 Econ of European Integration  Elective
ECON 323-01 Econ of Climate Change  Elective
ECON 485-01 Globalization & Inequality Capstone
GOVT 203-01 Intro to Comparative Politics  Elective 
GOVT 391-01 Politics of Inequality Elective 
GOVT 391-02 Politics of Inequality Elective 
GOVT 391-03 US & the Nuclear Arms Race Elective 
GOVT 391-07 Innovation for Defense  Elective 
GOVT 392-02 Chinese Political Thought Elective
GOVT 403-01 China's Belt & Road Initiative Capstone 
GOVT 403-02 Authoritarian Legacies Capstone
GOVT  404-01 Global Sports Politics Capstone 
GOVT 404-04 US-Chinese Relations 1949-2023 Capstone
HIST 211-01 Age of Dictatorships in Europe Elective
HIST 211-02 Reimagining the Caribbean Elective
HIST 211-04 Forever War Elective
HIST 211-10 Intro History Jewish Thought  Elective
HIST 306-01 Terror, Rights, Memory in Latin America Elective
HIST 311-02 Becoming America, 1688-1763 Elective 
HIST 311-03 Modern European Jewish History   Elective
HIST 311-05 US & Nuclear Arms Race  Elective
HIST 312-01 US Interventions in Latin America Elective
HIST 379-01 Russia after Stalin Elective 
HIST 490C-02 Cold War Liberalism Capstone
HIST 490C-05 Baseball and the World  Capstone
HIST 490C-06 Global Histories of Disability Capstone 
International Relations Program 
INRL 491-01 Global Far-Right Populism                            Capstone
SOCL 318-01 Gender and Human Rights                          Elective