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Major Advising

To declare a major in geology:
  1. Make an academic plan. Check the major requirements [pdf]. Each core class is offered once per academic year and not all electives are offered every year; please check the upcoming course list for more details.
  2. Pick your major advisor. You can choose any Geology faculty member to be your major advisor. However, each professor has a maximum number of advisees they can commit to, so be prepared to talk to multiple faculty members. 
  3. Prepare the form. Download the Major/minor Declaration form [pdf] and complete what you can, including a tentative schedule of future geology classes that interest you.
  4. Declare. Once your major advisor signs the form, take the original, signed declaration to the Registrar's Office.

If you have any additional questions please contact the department chair, [[rxlock, Rowan Lockwood]].

Updated: Fall 2019