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Advice for Transfer Students

  • All W&M students are required to fulfill a Mathematics and Foreign Language requirement before graduating. See the above links for info on how to take care of these requirements. We highly recommend taking care of both requirements before transferring to W&M if possible.
  • Additionally, we highly recommend taking care of your Related Science Proficiencies, which is part of the Geology major requirement, before coming to W&M. You will have to figure out what classes W&M will accept from your previous institution. Here is a good place to start figuring out this information in addition to asking the employees who handle transfers at your current institution.
  • To major in geology, you will need to have completed 2 of the 5 options below.
    • 2 of these 5:
      • Chem 103 & Lab (4 credits) – General Chemistry I
      • Chem 206 & Lab (4 credits, Chem 103 is a prereq) – Organic Chemistry I
      • Chem 208 & 254 (4 credits, Chem 103 is a prereq) – General Chemistry II Intro to Inorganic Chem
      • Phys 101 & Lab (4 credits, Math 111 Calc I is a prereq) – General Physics I
      • Phys 102 & Lab (4 credits, Phys 101 is a prereq) – General Physics II
    • Here is the major checklist for the General Geology major. These are the major requirements for the Environmental Geology concentration Geology major.