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Hiring Students

The Financial Aid Office coordinates employment opportunities available with Career Development & Professional Engagement for students on campus.  We do not offer a job placement service; students must find and apply for jobs themselves. Students don't need to be in a Federal Work-Study program to work on campus.

 Creating & Posting Jobs 
  • If you do not have a student position ID number, please contact [[studentemploy, Student Employment]] to have one created for the department. 
  • When you have a position available, please post at Tribe Careers
Interviewing & Hiring
On-boarding and Forms
  • The Financial Aid Office maintains access to forms for student employees to complete after they are hired. Make sure to point your new student employees to these forms.
    • Provide the link to this online I-9 form using this template [doc].
    • W&M uses an on-line I-9 employment verification processing. No paper I-9s can be accepted. The Employer website for verifying I-9s using the online system is now available to all hiring managers and Human Resource liaisons. 
    • If you do not have access to the Employer website for the online processing of I-9 forms, please visit the W&M I-9 Resources page
    • For more information, please see the USCIS's Handbook for Employers  
  • Supervisors will keep a couple of the forms in their records, including
    • The Confidentiality Agreement (pdf).  This form is to be retained by the supervisor for their employment files. 

    • Employers must complete the Student Employee Evaluation Form (pdf) for each student employee after either six months or at the end of their employment period.  This form is to be retained by the supervisor for their employment files. 

  • See IT's Security Policy page for information on how to protect your student employees' sensitive data.
Hiring and employing International Students  
  • International students must be certified by International Students, Scholars & Programs, possess a Social Security Card, and present the proper ID required for the Eligibility Verification process (I-9) before they can begin work on campus. 
  • If the student provides an F-1 or J-1 visa sponsored by W&M he/she may work on campus 20 hours per week during the semester and full-time during breaks. 
  • International Students are not eligible for Federal Work-Study positions. Once a student accepts the position, he/she must complete the student employment form, the I-9, and the payroll forms. The student must possess a Social Security Card that is valid for employment. 
  • Please note: The Payroll Office must be notified whenever an international student is hired. Please provide the student’s name and email address in order for the tax analysis process to begin. Failure to notify the Payroll Office will result in the student being taxed as a US citizen and taxes withheld cannot be refunded to the student employee. 
For Students

The Financial Aid Office coordinates the work-study portion of a student's financial aid package. Useful links:

I-9 Form 
Federal law requires that every employer must confirm a new hire's identity and employment eligiblility. The I-9 form is the way to do this. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services manages the process. 
  • Your department's hiring manager will use the online I-9 website to complete Section 2 of Form I-9 while examining evidence of your identity and employment eligibility within 3 business days of the date employment begins. Bring original documents identified by the USCIS with you on your first day.  
How to Submit a Timesheet for Approval (for student employees) 
  • Login to Banner
  • Click on "Employee." 
  • Click on "Timesheet." 
  • Select appropriate position number below. **Important -- if you work multiple position, you must fill out a separate timesheet for each position. 
    • Example: Joe works 4 hours on Thursday; 2 hours as a PSA, 2 hours as a FS.
      Joe must enter 2 hours on the Patron Service Assistant Timesheet (ST037L) and 2 hours on the Facility Supervisor Timesheet (ST036L). 
  • Select "Pay Period" from drop down list and then click "Timesheet" to continue. 
  • Verify your title and position, department and timesheet period.  
  • Click "Enter Hours" for appropriate day (verify that the correct row and column are selected). 
  • Enter the number hours that you worked for that day. Use table below for fractional parts of an hour. 
  • Click "Save" to save the hours and return to the timesheet. Do not click "Submit" until you are ready to submit your timesheet for final review. 
  • Timesheets must be submitted for approval by 11:59pm on the last date of the pay period (the pay period is located on your timesheet next to "Timesheet Period"). **Disregard the "Submit by Date" on your timesheet (this is the date by which your supervisor must approve and submit your timesheets). Your supervisor will need several days after the last day of the pay period in order to process changes and submit your sheet for approval.