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Additional Domain Credits

We have approved domain attributes for many non-COLL-200 courses that could fulfill this requirement. Requests for additional attributes have been trickling in. 

We have left it up to departments/programs to tell us which of their courses they would like to be attributed, though we have not encouraged the attributing of upper-level courses for which there are prerequisites (on the grounds that the requirement would have been satisfied already by the prerequisite). 

Departments and programs may submit lists of several courses through Curriculog for bulk domain attributing, as long as the domain requested is straightforward and obvious (e.g., Music = ALV, Chemistry = NQR). If the domain requested is not obvious (e.g., Geology = ALV) or if two domains are being requested, then an individual application should be submitted for each course (see below).

We have decided against attributing COLL 100 and COLL 150 with domains, and also basic Math and beginning language classes (SACS, our accrediting agency, defines these as "skills" classes that should not count toward general education).  

We have, however, allowed the attributing of upper-level language classes in which students do not spend most of their class time learning vocabulary and grammar but are using the language to study literature/history/culture, etc.   We also allow the attributing of Mathematics courses that deal with issues beyond mathematical skills.

Courses may be labelled in two domains, but they must satisfy the same 50/50 requirement as COLL 200s (see EPC Elaboration of COLL 200). EPC will need to see a syllabus for any course that aspires to a two-domain designation, and the 50/50 balance will need to be evident in the readings, topics, assignments, and course objectives listed in the syllabus. 

Students must earn at least 2 credits in each domain from any combination of classes, so even 1-credit classes can be assigned to a domain.