Elaboration of COLL 200

In addition to considering whether the course description and syllabus are sound, EPC considers whether the proposer has properly identified the course’s domain(s), and whether it is clear that at least 10% of the course "reaches out" to another domain (see below on domains).  

Courses may be anchored in 2 domains (meaning a student can count it as filling requirements in either domain, but not both), but for such courses EPC wants to see clear evidence in the syllabus that the content from each domain is as close to 50% as possible. 

Consequently, a course anchored in two domains should not try to "reach out" to the third. 

COLL 200 courses must be 3 or 4 credits. A 4-credit course that does not have at least four meeting-hours per week must go through a separate process for justifying the delinking of credit hours and contact hours (that goes not just for COLL 200 but for all courses, with the exception of COLL 100 and 150, which are delinked automatically).