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COLL 300

Based on course proposals submitted through Curriculog, EPC assigns the COLL 300 attribute to new and adapted courses in the campus COLL 300 program and, as appropriate, the DC Program. Course proposals may be for a permanent or one-time COLL 300 attribute.

The Study Away and Study Abroad programs, which also carry the COLL 300 attribute, are managed by the Charles Center and Reves Center, respectively.

Here is the COLL 300 language approved by the faculty in December 2013, as amended in March, 2021:

COLL 300 courses explore the diverse perspectives and socio-cultural values of people and communities of countries outside the geographical boundaries of the United States, and/or within the geographical boundaries of the United States for the study of sovereign Native nations, indigenous communities, and five US territories or sub-national entities.

COLL 300 directly connects students with people, places, and ideas that enhance their comprehension of different ways of thinking and being in the world. Students synthesize their knowledge, their emerging expertise in framing questions for analysis, and their communication skills to engage global issues in a self-reflective, cross-cultural way.

Students will be able to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of how people across cultures and societies experience the world
  • make connections between those perspectives and course content
  • analyze how cultural and societal differences manifest globally
  • reflect on their own identity as global citizens


  • COLL 300 may be satisfied by a single course of 3 credits or a sequence of courses totaling 3 credits. (Approved by FAS October 7, 2014)
  • COLL 300 experiences will ideally join students with people, places, and ideas (all three).
  • COLL 300 courses should have a self-reflective assignment built into them. (Approved by FAS March 3, 2015.)
  • COLL 300 courses are no longer required to engage a campus-wide theme, CLA-sponsored visitors, or the Academic Festival (Approved by FAS March, 2021).
  • COLL 300 courses may carry the C300 attribute permanently.

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