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How to Declare a Major or Minor

You should declare your Environment & Sustainability major no later than the second semester of your junior year. Remember that the ENSP major is a secondary major. You need to declare your primary major before or at the same time you declare your ENSP major.

The last day to file for a minor is the last day of add/drop in the semester you graduate. If you plan to graduate in the summer, the deadline is the last day of add/drop in the spring.

Step 1: Select your ENSP advisor

Read our advice on getting started with an ENSP major and then select your ENSP advisor.

You will need an advisor for both your primary major as well as your ENSP major. Any ENSP core faculty member may serve as your major advisor. We recommend that you choose an advisor who teaches in your primary major or who works in an area related to your career goals. Reach out to this person and make an appointment to meet with them.

If you wish to minor in ENSP, you also need an ENSP advisor to help plan your course of study.

Step 2: Forms

Before you meet with your ENSP major advisor, complete the relevant forms as much as you can. Use pencil, as your plans may evolve during your advising meeting.

ENSP Major forms:

ENSP Minor forms:

Step 3: Meet with ENSP advisor

Bring your partly completed forms with you to your meeting with your ENSP advisor. Be prepared to discuss your long-term plans and aspirations.

There are lots of options to choose from for our course requirements. Discuss those options with your advisor so that your plan will best support your goals.

Complete and finalize your forms during your meeting. Your advisor must sign them before they're official.

Step 4: Meet with the Program Director

The Program Director needs to co-sign your declaration forms.

Step 5: Submit your forms to the University Registrar.