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Environmental Justice Archive of Virginia (EJAV)

Promoting environmental justice in Virginia and beyond

“Environmental justice is defined as equitable exposure to environmental good and harm” 

-Wolch, Byrne, and Newell (2014)

The Environmental Justice Archive of Virginia or EJAV originates as an effort by William & Mary faculty who seek to highlight the work of students, professors, scholars, staff, and the W&M community that touches upon or aligns with the goals of Environmental Justice (EJ).

The Environment and Sustainability Program at William & Mary hosts this archive in collaboration with students and faculty across the university. The goal of EJAV is to bring together diverse voices that can help the W&M community and the public at large to better understand the many faces of environmental (in)justice in, around, and from Virginia. We embrace and consider EJ a fundamental component of environmental studies and environmental action alike.

Access and acknowledgments

The Environmental Justice Archive of Virginia is available through ScholarWorks.

We thank Rosie Liljenquist, Publishing and Open Access Librarian at Swem Library, for her help in developing, designing, and publishing EJAV through ScholarWorks.

Dogwood (Cornus florida), the official state flower of Virginia


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