English Department Honors Thesis Proposal

By April 15 of the junior year, all prospective candidates must submit an application to  the Honors Committee in order to be cleared to write a thesis and enroll in English 495-496. This application must include a description of the student's proposed study and the name of the faculty member who has agreed to serve as advisor. The proposal must run 5-7 pages and demonstrate the following: that the student has identified a defined goal and a group of literary and critical texts through which to explore it; a grasp of some of the major pieces of criticism that advance the debate on his or her topic; and a sense of the project’s specific intervention and uniqueness within this field of debate. An annotated bibliography of five major sources (secondary critical sources) and a simple one-page, single-spaced bibliography (not annotated) of future critical reading and primary sources should be appended to the 5-7 page narrative section of the proposal.

A student intending to present original poetry, fiction, or drama as his or her honors thesis must submit a 5-7 page description of the project detailing such matters as its general form and subject. In addition, a Creative Writing Honors project entails an “Artist’s Statement” that discusses no less than five important models and influences that have shaped the writer’s perspective in relation to the proposed. Only students who have demonstrated successfully taken two upper-level CRWR classes will be permitted to engage in this type of honors project.

In the fall of the senior year those accepted as candidates will be registered for English 495-496 during the Add/Drop period. During the year, under the general direction of an advisor, the candidate will pursue a systematic program of reading and prepare a thesis.