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Undergraduate Program

You don't have to be an economics major or minor to benefit from a course or two in economics. A basic understanding of economics will make you a better citizen and a better consumer. (See Not an Economics Major?)

The Department of Economics offers a B.A. in Economics. The goals of the undergraduate Economics curriculum are to develop these three skills:

  • logical thought used in solving problems,
  • observation and inference from data, and
  • presenting ideas in compelling writing and speech.

We offer a flexible undergraduate economics curriculum. For both majors and minors, required courses are relatively few. This gives you the freedom to focus your degree by selecting from our diverse set of electives. We encourage all our students to participate in undergraduate research.

The problems economists investigate cross all disciplines. Many employers in every field look for candidates with some training in economics. Economics majors are among the highest paid (right among computer scientists and engineers) and enjoy access to a wide range of occupations. Many hold research analyst and consulting positions. Others work for Wall Street and Main Street firms. Many more work in the public sector or for non-profits.