Economics Faculty Research

In addition to their teaching responsibilities, economics department faculty members also pursue active research agendas. This includes presenting their work at seminars and conferences and publishing their findings in economics journals and books.

The Department has close ties with AidData, the Schroeder Center for Health Policy, and the graduate Program in Public Policy which provide ample opportunities for faculty to engage in policy-oriented research.

Faculty research areas include: DevelopmentEconometrics, Economic History, EnvironmentalHealth, Industrial OrganizationInternational TradeLabor, Macroeconomics, Public, and Sports

To see research from specific faculty members, please visit our faculty directory. There you will find each faculty’s research interests, as well links to their website and/or Google Scholar page.

The department also maintains three active seminar series: their faculty brownbag, their departmental seminar, and a development seminar series, joint with AidData.