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Undergraduate Research

In Classical Studies, undergraduates develop technical skills and critical thinking abilities through research. The basics of conducting research about the classical world are covered in standard coursework and through the Major Writing Requirement, but you can also explore a topic that isn't covered in a course through Independent Study (CLCV, GREK or LATN 491) or Honors (CLCV, GREK or LATN 495-496). Independent Study projects are typically completed in a semester, while Honors projects may take more than an academic year.

If you're conducting research in Latin or Ancient Greek, you'll be exploring an author or topic in the original language. You'll do a lot of directed reading on your Classical Civilization research topic - in English, and perhaps also in a classical language. Archaeological research involves learning and applying field and laboratory methods to gain understanding of material artifacts' significance.

Other ways to get involved with research in Classical Studies include:

  • working closely with a faculty member on his or her research (ask around for current projects that need your help);
  • doing an independent research project followed by a three-week tour under the aegis of one of our Study Abroad Programs;
  • going abroad to an archaeological field school; or
  • helping to edit entries for the Suda On Line project.