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W&M Students Dominate National Latin Competition

latin-inscriptionAwards were just announced for the 2019 National Latin Translation Exam, a national competition administered annually by the Classical Association of the Middle West and South (CAMWS).  W&M had 13 students win prizes, more than any of the other 37 schools that participated at the collegiate level, far outdistancing the 9 awards of the closest competition.   The thirteen prizewinners were students in Molly Swetnam-Burland's Intermediate Latin class (Latin 202) and Lily Panoussi's advanced seminar on Ovid (Latin 331).  Nearly 40% of the students enrolled in these classes won prizes.

The winners are:

Intermediate level:
Elizabeth Belden: top winner of the entire competition (cash award)
Alexis Reece: Book Award (top 7.5% of participants)
Jordan Click, Brooke Braden,  and Madeleine Nelson: Letter of Commendation (top 22% of participants)


Advanced Level:
Peter Psathas: Cash Award (top 3.5% of competition participants)
Tristan Ramage: Book Award (top 10% of competition participants)
Anna Kjems,  Guy Rahat, Anne Whelan, Grace Burns, Sophia Warnement, Varvara Troitski: Letters of Commendation (top 30% of competition participants)

This success continues W&M's tradition of strong showings in national language competitions.  In Spring 2019, 12 of the 15 students enrolled in Bill Hutton's introductory Ancient Greek class (Greek 102) won commendations in the National Collegiate Greek Exam administered by CAMWS, including the Ed Phinney Prize for top score in the competition (Peter Psathas), a gold medal (Jeannine Brokaw), two bronze medals (Sophia Warnement, Anne Whelan), and eight blue ribbons (Masaccio Braun, Meaghan Corcoran, Elizabeth Davies, Christina Monroe, Kate Newell, Vassiliki Shinas, Caroline Spurr, Erica Zhang)