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John Donahue Publishes New Book

book_image.jpgCongratulations to John Donahue, who has published his new book, Brill’s Companion to Diet and Logistics in Greek and Roman Warfare. Professor Donahue, along with his coeditor Lee L. Brice, has assembled into one volume scholarship on an essential aspect of ancient warfare: the food and drink provided to and consumed by soldiers. While the individual chapters focus on different aspects of the topic, collectively they “explain regional dietary options and reassesses traditional notions of ‘provisioning’” and “confirm how providing food and drink for soldiers was critical to every army’s success and survival.”

In addition to his work in organizing the volume, editing the individual chapters, and synthesizing each contributor’s work in the introduction, Professor Donahue also added his own chapter, “Sieges, Deception, and Bioterrorism: Logistics and Strategy of Food and Drink during the Republic.” His contribution “considers how the Romans used food and drink as a weapon of war in sieges, deception, and bioterrorism from the third to the first century BCE.”

Click here, for more information on the book as well as purchasing options.