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Ecology & Environment

The video abstracts of research projects done by undergraduate students in ecology and environment.

Patrick Hardner

Assessment of Anuran Diversity in Virginia

Alexis Reece

Metamorphic Success of Sea Star Larval Clones

Margaret Donnan

Longhorned Milkweed Beetles Can Reduce Growth and Asexual Reproduction in Common Milkweed

Sarah Weber

Do You Hear What I Hear? Comparing Avian Hearing Across Taxonomic Groups

Luke Denoncourt

Using a Machine Learning Model to Predict Plant Traits Based Upon its Soil Microbiome

Erin-Darby McClain

Cloning In Brittlestars

Christian d'Orgeix

Soil Microbiome Role and Plant Nutrient Uptake

Augustin Kalytiak-Davis

Metamor-Foes: Settlement Preferences and Post-Settlement Cannibalism in Sea Star Asterias forbesi

Elizabeth Davies

Climate Change and Hybridization in Milkweed

Lee DePue

Paleofire Proxies in a Lake Matoaka Sediment Core

Celeste Phillips

Effect of Color Variety on Constancy and Visitation in Bees

Natalie Klesch

A Novel Bycatch Reduction Device

Heather Christensen

Accessibility in Data Science: Reconfiguring Data into Sound

Rose Zheng

Using Nesting Cameras to Evaluate Osprey Breeding Pairs

Julia Kun

Using the US Foodprint Model to Assess the Irrigation Requirements for Animal and Plant-based Protein Sources