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The video abstracts of research projects done by undergraduate students in chemistry.

Gwyneth Pudner

A nonoxidative method for the synthesis of 1,2-diketones using aldehyde and organometallic building blocks

Tiffany Zheng

Investigation of the Use of Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) for Identifying Figurative Colorants in Artists' Portraits and the Development of the Novel SERS Data Analysis Program Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Monica Dibley

Chemical Analysis of Organic Compounds in Dew Water

Daria Moody

Differential Protein Expression in Bacteriophage CrimD

Katie Giunta

Pyridine Interaction With Surface Copper Iodide

Emma Hale

Synthesis and Biological Activity of Polyynes

Hannah Smith

Covalent immobilization of proteins using unnatural amino acids

Grayson Hoy

Origin of Kinetic Dispersion in Eosin-Sensitized TiO2: Insights from Single-Molecule Spectroscopy