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GIS Courses

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These courses are offered regularly by the Center for Geospatial Analysis:

  • GIS 201 - Introduction to GIS
  • GIS 405/505 - Geovisualization and Cartographic Design
  • GIS 410/510 - Introduction to Remote Sensing
  • GIS 420/520 - Advanced GIS Analysis and Programming
  • GIS 480/550 - Independent Research  This type of course provides students with the opportunity to conduct research in areas related to geospatial technologies. Typically an independent research course is taken the student's junior or senior year. For the application, click here.
  • GIS 490/590 - Special Topics  These courses are offered occasionally as advanced studies of subjects not routinely covered. The courses may: be taught by the CGA, be a non-CGA taught GIS course, or be cross-listed in the Open Course List. See below for examples of special topics courses.
  • GIS 501 - Fundamentals of Geographic Information Science and Analysis
For more detailed course descriptions and the most up-to-date course offerings, please follow the link to the Undergraduate GIS Course Catalog or the Graduate GIS Course Catalog. For the GIS Certificate Program, refer to that program's course listing.


Special Topic Courses: Examples
  • Districting and GIS - The 2017 Supreme Court case Bethune-Hill v. Virginia State Board of Elections decision provides a frame to better understand the laws governing redistricting efforts. Students work with district boundary maps, census information, and other socioeconomic layers in an integrated GIS platform to understand and quantify the impacts realized when voting districts are redrawn.
  • Conservation GIS - An advanced seminar where student teams develop GIS projects that address conservation, climate change, or sustainability. At the end of the semester, students present their ideas in a competition pitched to a panel of researchers, and top projects can be eligible for funding to implement their research.
  • GIS and Middle Earth – Did Frodo take the right path to destroy the One Ring? Student teams develop and analyze GIS layers set in JRR Tolkien's Middle Earth. The GIS of Middle Earth is used to develop a least-cost-path analysis to determine the best path from the Shire to Mount Doom.


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