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Collaborate With Us

We've worked on lots of projects with lots of people! We invite you to learn more about our collaborations with campus partners and community partners, our work with ArcGIS StoryMaps, and the current projects of the CGA Research Group. These projects give a sense of what's possible.


Here, we provide quotes from some of the partners the CGA has worked with over the last few years. If you are interested in collaborating with us, feel free to email us at [[w|cga]] or visit us!

"The Fellows did a great job in diving into the project, taking ownership and delivering a product to a multitude of departments that were extremely impressed with the efficiency and accuracy of the product.  Another way the Fellows impressed me had to do with our meetings. They came prepared; questions on how to resolve issues but they had suggestions of how to work out the issue…which was usually correct. The round robins discussing why we were doing this, users of this data, how to create data tables and schemas, defining attributes, deliverables, access to deliverables, were all discussions the Fellows fully participated in and led often. It was a great pleasure working with this team."

Tim Russell

Tim Russell 
Strategic Space Planner for the University

"The Center for Geospatial Analysis has been an invaluable resource for my HIST 211: Post-1945 United States Memory and Human Rights course. I started my experience with the CGA brainstorming a meaningful project that my students and I could collaborate on, and with their help, I was able to set up a collective map of sites of memory that we contributed to throughout the semester. Along with class-based presentations in which each student served as an expert for their chosen site of memory, we added various monuments, memorials, museums, archives, gardens, and more that speak to how the memory landscape has transformed since the end of World War II. Particular attention was paid to sites of memory that glorified or propagated United States nationalism, and, as a class, we evaluated the context surrounding these sites' erection and why and how they were conceived when and where they were. Staff members Jordan Landrum and Dr. Shannon White served as supportive, passionate, and thoughtful collaborators for our course.

Tyler Goldberger

Tyler Goldberger
Ph.D. Student (ABD); Special Collections Research Center
Instruction and Research Associate at Swem Library

"Though I only found out about it in my senior year, it didn't take long for the CGA to become one of my favorite places at William & Mary. I had a very rough idea for an independent study in economics, and the CGA was instrumental in bringing my idea to life. I wanted to explore how crime is spatially concentrated throughout cities in developing countries, and in my first visit CGA Fellows Lindsey Rogers and Maddy Mulder gave me numerous options to get started. Soon I was coming to the center to work multiple times a week, and could always count on leaving with new, inspiring progress that kept me motivated and interested in my research. I loved building up skills in ArcGIS and creating maps that gave tangible meaning to economic theory and real-world issues I had studied in classes. The Fellows and Dr. Shannon White could not have been more supportive or kind, and assisted me through any challenge I encountered in my research. Conducting my first personal research presentation at the 2022 Geospatial Research Symposium was a highlight of my academic career. I highly recommend the CGA to anyone and everyone at William & Mary!"

Aidan O'Connell Aidan O'Connell ('22)
Research Associate; Penn Wharton Budget Model