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Robert Davidson, Guud San Glans, Eagle of the Dawn, Haida Artist & Activist: "An Innocent Gesture"

Flyer for Davidson's public event

Robert Davidson's passion to revive and perpetuate a variety of forms of Haida cultural expression, including song, dance, and ceremony, has fueled his remarkable output. He has been responsible, among other things, for carving and raising the first totem pole in his hometown of Massett, Canada, in nearly 90 years when he was just 22 years old.

"The world is as sharp as the edge of a knife is an ancient Haida proverb. If we look at the world in the form of a circle, let us look at what is on the inside of the circle as experience, culture, and knowledge: let us look at this as the past. What is outside of the circle is yet to be experienced. But in order to expand the circle we must know what is inside the circle. It has been the art that has brought us back to our roots. I am proud to be one of those people chosen to put the puzzle back together and move on. The challenge is ours to keep expanding the circle." Robert Davidson | Eagle of the Dawn

Public Event

An Innocent Gesture [March 23, 2015; video]

COLL 300 campus visitors bring the world to W&M. They aspire to stimulate a fruitful experience of disorientation that allows students to see their own lives in broader perspective.