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Specimen catalog database

SERNEC data portal

Over half of WILLI's 80,000 have been cataloged to date. Data can be searched and downloaded at the SERNEC data portal.

Instructions for searching the portal: 

  1. Use the tab on top menu to "Search Collections"
  2. Select/Deselect institutions to search. To search just one institution (e.g., William &  Mary), deselect all (at top of list) then select "William & Mary"
  3. Continue by selecting the green circular NEXT tab on far right of page top or bottom
  4. From the resultant main search page, filter your search by geography, taxon, etc. and select the green rectangular SEARCH tab on far right page top and bottom
  5. Once you have results, select download using the small yellow square file-shaped icon at the top right of the results page