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Staff and Affiliates

Ginkgo leavesStaff and Volunteers
  • {{http://macase.people.wm.edu/, Dr. Martha Case}}, Director
  • Beth Chambers, Curator
  • Patrick Baldwin, Virginia Native Plant Society
  • Dr. James Perry, Professor of Marine Science, Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences
  • Abigail Williams '19, herbarium assistant
  • Meredith Woessner '19, herbarium assistant
  • Dr. Donna Ware, Retired curator and esteemed expert consultant to staff
  • {{http://saware.people.wm.edu/, Dr. Stewart Ware}}, Professor Emeritus of Biology
  • Chris Johnstone '06, M.S. Biology (credited for the photography in the Herbarium website)

Some staff have graduated and moved on to other adventures. See our archives.

    Affiliated Organizations
    • Society of Herbarium Curators

    • {{http://www.sernec.org/, Southeast Regional Network of Expertise and Collections (SERNEC)}}

    • {{http://www.biol.vt.edu/digital_atlas/index.php?do=about:virginia_botanical_associates, Virginia Botanical Associates}}

    • {{http://www.dcr.virginia.gov/natural_heritage/index.shtml, Virginia Natural Heritage}}