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Alumni Updates

Greta Glaser

Art History '09

Greta GlaserThis fall Greta Glaser will be pursing a graduate degree in Art Conservation at the University of Delaware's Winterthur Art Conservation Program. The three year Conservation Program including a one year internship somewhere outside the Winterthur Museum. Greta plans to major in the conservation of paintings or painted surfaces.  After graduation Greta intends on spending a few years applying her conservation skills abroad. 

Greta Glaser

Bruce Pask

Art History '89
Bruce is the editor of  "T: Men's Fashion" (The New York Times Style Magazine).  He has just celebrated his second anniversary as editor and previously he worked as a fashion editor and journalist for Condé Nast and other publications.  Bruce is also a costume designer; and you can see his latest creations in the current Broadway revival of "Promises, Promises".

Dave Stevenson
Studio Art

Dave Stevenson, Young Pegasus
See more of Dave's work on his website:

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