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Student Achievements

Rusty Meadows

Student Curates Warhol Exhibition at the Muscarelle Museum

Hi, I'm Rusty Meadows, a major in art history  and business. During the Spring 2009 semester, the Muscarelle Museum of Art was given a gift of more than 150 original photographs taken by Andy Warhol as part of an initiative executed by the foundation created by the late artist. Shortly after we saw the gift, the staff of the Muscarelle decided to showcase our new photographs as an exhibition in the Fall 2009 semester. I was immediately interested in the content and was soon chosen to student curate the show.

Shortly after I began looking at material for the exhibition, I realized the tremendous amount of research that could be done on the subject and decided to make it the focus of my honors thesis. Between the exhibition and my thesis, I was able to conduct primary research by interviewing numerous friends and acquaintances of Andy Warhol. In addition to these interviews, I also found a treasure trove of primary resources for my studies at the library of the Museum of Modern Art.

Overall, I gained invaluable information throughout the entire experience of completing my honors thesis and being the curator of the exhibition at the Muscarelle. I feel that the information brought together for the exhibition and the research presented in my thesis can really contribute to the larger study of Warhol's work and life.

The exhibition Deeply Superficial: Andy Warhol's "Voyeurism" was on display from November 7, 2009 through January 17, 2010 and Rusty's honors thesis is titled, Appropriating from the World of Business: Andy Warhol's Key to Success.


Students Co-curate Exhibition at the Muscarelle Museum

Merging Souls: Arts of  Devotion in LAtin America

Merging Souls: Arts of  Devotion in  LAtin America

Merging Souls: Arts of Devotion in Latin America,
is an exhibition organized and co-curated by students in Prof. Susan Webster's spring 2010 seminar, "Visual and Material Culture in Colonial Spanish America." The student curators, Katrina Christiano, Elizabeth Cook, Laurel Daen, Alexandra Méav Ellinwood-Jerome, Molly King, Nicole Oderisi, Sarah Stanley, and Lita Tirak, selected and reaserched Latin American objects from private and college collections in preparation for the exhibition. They published an accompanying gallery guide, which provides additional contextual information for the objects, wrote labels and didactic panels, and developed accompanying lesson plans for K-12 students. In addition to scholarly research, the students undertook a range of activities related to the exhibition, including campus and community outreach, newspaper and Internet publicity, docent training, and the coordination of a symposium.

Merging Souls: Arts of Devotion in LAtin  America

Merging Souls: Arts of Devotion in Latin America
illuminates the rich visual and material cultures of the central and southern regions of the Americas from the pre-Hispanic and colonial periods to the present day. Drawing together works from diverse peoples, regions, and modern nations, the exhibition testifies to the centrality of art in Latin American communities and the varied means by which the sacred is perceived and expressed. The exhibition is on display at the Muscarelle Museum through July 31, 2010.


Honors Projects

The following three students completed an Honors Thesis Project this year:  Sarah Williams (studio 2D), Kiernan Lofland (studio 3D), and Rusty Meadows (art history). 

Scholarships & Awards

Anna WagnerAnna Wagner won first-place from the Peninsula Fine Arts Center Student Competition.  She was also awarded a $1,500 first-place prize from the Arts Club of Washington DC for their 2010 Works on Paper Juried Competition.  Anna was selected to e a printmaking intern at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Colorado this summer.  In the fall she will pursuing gradute studies at Ohio University this Fall.

This spring Erin Sexton was granted the prestigious Cheek Award.  She also has a summer intership at the Denver Art Museum, working in the Latin American collections.

Amanda Wagstaff

Sara Klein will be undertaking Tess Perrinresearch in Rhode Island this summer for her Monroe Scholarship, with a project entitled "The Architecture of Newport Mansions: Distinctly and Opulently American."  Susan V. Webster is her advisor

Amanda Wagstaff won this year's William and Mary  Charter Day Art Competition.  

Tess Perin is headed to the Courtauld Institute of Art in London this fall for a MA in the Conservation of Wall Painting. This is a three-year masters program with field work devoted to the conservation of the 13th-century Byzantine paintings in four churches in the Troodos Mountains in Cyprus, among other international sites.

Art & Art History Alumni Award Recipients:
Amanda Wagstaff
(Studio, 2D) Kiernan Lofland (Studio, 3D), and Kaylah Monroe (Art History)

Art & Art History College Awards:
Tess Perrin
(Studio, 2D), Anna Wagner (Studio, 2D), Sarah WilliamsKathleen Rose (Art Hsitory) (Studio, 2D),

Briggs Scholarship:
Cassandra J. Prena
(Art History)

Cheek Scholarship:
Erin C. Sexton
(Art History)

Thorley Scholarship:
Catherine Cole
(Studio, 2D)
Ashley Fryer (Studio, 2D)
Kristen Warring (Studio, 3D)

Walford Scholarship:
Briana Paxton
(Art History)
William Sendor (Art History)
Catherine Reber (Art History)

Student Presentations - Medieval and Renaissance Symposium

The following students presented at the Second Undergraduate Research Symposium in Medieval and Renaissance Studies here in March:

Art in Medieval France
Cassie Prena, "Le Parement de Narbone in the Reign of Charles V"
Myles O'Kelly, "St. Chapelle: an Objectof Capetian Monarchy"
Chair: Professor Barbara Watkinson

Art in the Hispanic World
Jody Green, "History of the Tapado & its Depcition in the Art of teh Spanich Golden Age"
Katie O'Brien, "Propaganda & the Perfect Horseman: Equestrian Portraiture in the Hall of Realms of Philip IV"
Chair: Professor Lu Ann Homza