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Anthropology Department Faculty

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Amaral, Adela
Assistant Professor
Office: Washington Hall 109
Email: [[alamaral]]
Areas of Specialization: Historical anthropology and archaeology, colonialism, Afro-Atlantic world, race, black racial slavery and marronage, material ethnography, social geography and spatial practice, Mexico

Blakey, Michael
National Endowment for the Humanities Professor
Office: Washington Hall 112
Phone: 757-221-7681
Email: [[mlblak]]
Areas of Specialization: Biological anthropology, biohistory, bioarchaeology; history and philosophy of science; White supremacy in science and society; publicly engaged archaeology; North America, African diaspora.

Bon-Harper, Sara
Associate Research Professor
Phone: 434-293-8000
Email: [[w|sebonharper]]
Area of Specialization: Landscape dynamics and meaning; research design; archaeological ceramics: production and use; spatial analysis: refuse patterns, middens and yards, plowzone analysis; creation of historical narratives for public and professional audiences.

Brown, Marley
Research Professor
Email: [[mrbro1]]
Areas of Specialization: Historical archaeology; North America and the Atlantic islands

Dicenta, Mara
Assistant Professor
Office: Washington Hall 114
Email: [[mdicentavilker]]
Areas of Specialization: Science & Technology Studies; Environmental Knowledges; Conservation; Race and Racialization; Multispecies ethnography; Feminist Epistemologies; Settler colonialism; Southern Cone

Fisher, William
Associate Professor
Office: Washington Hall 123
Phone: 757-221-1068
Email: [[whfish]]
Areas of Specialization: Social organization, indigenous Amazon, political economy and history of Amazonia, ethnoecology; Brazil

Gallivan, Martin
Office: Washington Hall 104
Phone: 757-221-3622
Email: [[mdgall]]
Areas of Specialization: Archaeology; American Indians; Colonial Encounters; Landscape and Spatiality; Cartography; Politics of Heritage; Quantitative Research Methods; Ceramic Analysis

Glasser, Jonathan
Associate Professor
Office: Washington Hall 122
Phone: 757-221-1058
Email: [[jglasser]]
Areas of specialization: History of anthropological theory, music, poetics, exchange, Muslim-Jewish relations, Arabic, North Africa and the Middle East

Horning, Audrey
Chair, and Forrest D. Murden Professor
Office: Washington Hall Room 107a
Email: [[w|ajhorn]]
Phone: 757-221-1062
Area of Specialization: Historical Archaeology; Atlantic World; Comparative Colonialism; Ireland; Chesapeake; Archaeological Ethics; Heritage and Conflict Transformation.

Jones, Joseph
Associate Teaching Professor
Office: Washington Hall Rm 118
Phone: 757-221-1064
Email: [[jljones01]]

Kahn, Jennifer
Associate Professor
Office: Rm 125 Washington Hall
Phone: 757-221-1054
E-mail: [[jgkahn01]]
Areas of Specialization: Archaeology; Oceania; Household Archaeology; House Societies; Social Complexity; Monumental Architecture and Ideology; Human-Landscape Interactions; Exchange and Geochemistry; Lithic Analysis; Chronometric Techniques

Lelièvre, Michelle
Associate Professor
Office: Room 201b Washington Hall and Samuel E Jones House Room 216
Phone: 757-221-1957
E-mail: [[malelievre]]
Areas of specialization: Mobility; Indigenous sovereignty; Political subjectivity; Socio-cultural theory; Space, place and landscape; Northeastern North America; Decolonizing pedagogies and collaborative research methods; Heritage and museum studies; History of anthropology and archaeology; Oral history

Moretti-Langholtz, Danielle
Teaching Professor
Office: Washington Hall 105
Phone: 757-221-1112
Email: [[dmoret]]
Areas of Specialization: Cultural anthropology, American Indians, museology, life history; North America

Norman, Neil
Associate Professor
Office: Washington Hall 102a
Office Phone: 757-221-1960
Email: [[nlnorman]]
Director of Graduate Studies: Anthropology

Palencia Frener, Sergio
Assistant Professor
Office: Washington Hall 119
Email: [[sergio.palenciaf]]
Areas of Specialization: Historical and Visual anthropology; Critical Theory; Indigenous memories of the Cold War; Caste, ground-rent, and state formation in Latin America; Mesoamerican studies; Revolution and Genocide in 20th century Latin America.

Weiss, Brad
Office: Washington Hall 116
Phone: 757-221-1209
Email: [[blweis]]
Director of Undergraduate Studies: Anthropology
Areas of specialization: Africa; The Anthropology of Food; The Body; Space, place, and locality; Urban transformation; Popular Culture; Socio-cultural theory; Theories of Value; Ritual and Religious Practice

Woodard, Buck
Assistant Professor
Office: TBA, arriving in January 2024
Email: [[bwwood]]
Areas of Specialization: Cultural and historical anthropology; Indigenous/Native Studies; kinship; material culture; cosmology & ritual life; political economy

Wright, Andrea
Associate Professor; Director, Asian & Middle Eastern Studies
Email: [[w|agwright]]
Office: Washington Hall Room 120
Appointments and office hours may be booked online: {{}}
Areas of Specialization: Cultural anthropology; anthro-history; energy infrastructure; labor; migration; security; kinship; India; Pakistan; the Arabian Sea; 20th century British Imperialism; postcolonial states; human rights