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Anthropology Department Faculty




Amaral, Adela
Assistant Professor
Office: Washington Hall 109
Email: [[alamaral]]
Areas of Specialization: Historical anthropology and archaeology, colonialism, Afro-Atlantic world, race, black racial slavery and marronage, material ethnography, social geography and spatial practice, Mexico

Bassett, Hayden
Adjunct Lecturer
Email: [[hfbassett]]
Office: Virginia Museum of Natural History
Areas of Specialization: GIS and remote sensing in archaeology, cultural property protection in armed conflict and natural disaster, predictive modeling, climate change and cultural heritage, settlement patterns, landscape archaeology

Blakey, Michael
National Endowment for the Humanities Professor
Office: Washington Hall 112
Phone: 757-221-7681
Email: [[mlblak]]
Areas of Specialization: Biological anthropology, biohistory, skeletal biology; North America, African diaspora

Bon-Harper, Sara
Research Professor
Phone: 434-293-8000
Email: [[w|sebonharper]]
Area of Specialization: Landscape dynamics and meaning; research design; archaeological ceramics: production and use; spatial analysis: refuse patterns, middens and yards, plowzone analysis; creation of historical narratives for public and professional audiences.

Bragdon, Kathleen
Office: Washington Hall 121
Phone: 757-221-1067
Email: [[bkbrag]]
Areas of Specialization: Ethnohistory, sociolinguistics, Algonquian languages and cultures

Brown, Marley
Research Professor
Office: Washington Hall 121
Email: [[mrbro1]]
Areas of Specialization: Historical archaeology; North America and the Atlantic islands

Buffington, Abigail (Abby)
Visiting Assistant Professor
Areas of Specialization: Pastoral landscapes in ancient Arabia (Yemen, Oman, and Jordan) through phytoliths, macrobotanical remains, and charcoals

Dicenta, Mara
Assistant Professor
Areas of Specialization: Science & Technology Studies; Environmental Anthropology; Indigenous Knowledges; Latin American Race and Ethnicity Studies; Argentina; Multi-species Ethnography; Feminist Epistemologies; Decolonizing Science and the Environment; Settler-colonialism

Fisher, William
Associate Professor
Office: Washington Hall 125
Phone: 757-221-1068
Email: [[whfish]]
Areas of Specialization: Social organization, indigenous Amazon, political economy and history of Amazonia, ethnoecology; Brazil

Gallivan, Martin
Professor and Department Chair
Office: Washington Hall 104
Phone: 757-221-3622
Email: [[mdgall]]
Areas of Specialization: Archaeology; American Indians; Colonial Encounters; Landscape and Spatiality; Cartography; Politics of Heritage; Quantitative Research Methods; Ceramic Analysis

Glasser, Jonathan
Associate Professor
Office: Washington Hall 122
Phone: 757-221-1058
Email: [[jglasser]]
Areas of specialization: Exchange, historical anthropology, music, poetics and performance, colonialism, textuality, culture theory; North Africa and the Middle East

Hasselbacher, Stephanie
Adjunct Lecturer
Email: [[srhasselbacher]]
Area of Specialization: Linguistic anthropology, language documentation and reclamation, language ideology, Muskogean languages and cultures, Native North American literacies

Horning, Audrey
Forrest D. Murden Professor
Office: Washington Hall Room 107a
Email: [[w|ajhorn]]
Phone: 757-221-1062
Area of Specialization: Historical Archaeology; Atlantic World; Comparative Colonialism; Ireland; Chesapeake; Archaeological Ethics; Heritage and Conflict Transformation.

Jones, Joseph
Office: Washington Hall Rm 119
Phone: 757-221-1064
Email: [[jljones01]]

Kahn, Jennifer
Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
Office: Rm 125 Washington Hall
Phone: 757-221-1054
E-mail: [[jgkahn01]]
Areas of Specialization: Archaeology; Oceania; Household Archaeology; House Societies; Social Complexity; Monumental Architecture and Ideology; Human-Landscape Interactions; Exchange and Geochemistry; Lithic Analysis; Chronometric Techniques

Lelièvre, Michelle
Associate Professor
Office: Rm 117 Washington Hall and Samuel E Jones House Room 216
Phone: 757-221-1957
E-mail: [[malelievre]]
Areas of specialization: Mobility; Indigenous sovereignty; Political subjectivity; Socio-cultural theory; Space, place and landscape; Northeastern North America; Decolonizing pedagogies and collaborative research methods; Heritage and museum studies; History of anthropology and archaeology; Oral history
Education: PhD, Anthropology, University of Chicago (2012); MPhil, Archaeology, University of Cambridge (2000); BA, Anthropology and Classical Archaeology, McGill University (1998)

Moretti-Langholtz, Danielle
Senior Lecturer of Anthropology
Office: Washington Hall 105
Phone: 757-221-1112
Email: [[dmoret]]
Areas of Specialization: Cultural anthropology, American Indians, museology, life history; North America

Norman, Neil
Associate Professor
Office: Washington Hall 107a
Office Phone: 757-221-1960
Fax: 757-221-1066
Email: [[nlnorman]]

Weiss, Brad
Office: Washington Hall 116
Phone: 757-221-1209
Email: [[blweis]]
Areas of specialization: Africa; The Anthropology of Food; The Body; Space, place, and locality; Urban transformation; Popular Culture; Socio-cultural theory; Theories of Value; Ritual and Religious Practice

Wright, Andrea
Assistant Profesor
Areas of Specialization: Cultural anthropology; anthro-history; energy infrastructure; labor; migration; security; kinship; India; Pakistan; the Arabian Sea; 20th century British Imperialism; postcolonial states; human rights
Email: [[w|agwright]]
Office: Washington Hall Room 120
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