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Recent PhDs & Job Placements


Antczak, Konrad A.
Degree conferred, May 2017: PhD
Dissertation title:: "Entangled by Salt: Historical Archaeology of Seafarers and Things in the Venezuelan Caribbean, 1624-1880"
Current Position: Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellow at Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Ashley Atkins

Atkins Spivey, Ashley
Degree conferred, May 2017: PhD
Dissertation title: "Knowing the River, Working the Land, and Digging for Clay: Pamunkey Indian Subsistence Practices and the Market Economy 1800-1900"
Current Position: Executive Director with advocacy organization, tribal liaison, William & Mary affiliated scholar

Barrett, Autumn
Degree conferred, January 2014: PhD
Dissertation title: “Honoring the Ancestors: Historical Reclamation and Self-Determined Identities in Richmond and Rio de Janeiro”
Current Position: Co-Director, Remembering Slavery And Resistance Project


Bassett, Hayden
Degree conferred, May 2017: PhD
Dissertation title: "The Archaeology of Enslavement in Plantation Jamaica: A Study of Community Dynamics among the Enslaved People of Good Hope Estate,1775-1838"
Current Position: Assistant Curator of Archaeology, Virginia Museum of Natural History

Andy Beaupre

Beaupre, Andrew
Degree conferred, May 2017: PhD
Dissertation title: "Creating the Border: Defining, Enforcing and Reasserting Physical and Ethnic Borderzone Spaces during the 16th, 17th and 18th Centuries in the Lake Champlain Richelieu River Valley"
Current Position: McCormick Postdoctoral Fellow in Revolutionary Era Studies, Siena College

Jason Buroughs

Boroughs, Jason
Degree conferred, May 2013: PhD
Dissertation title: "Gathering Places, Cultivating Spaces: An Archaeology of a Chesapeake Neighborhood Through Enslavement and Emancipation, 1775 - 1905"
Current position: Research Archaeologist, George Washington's Mount Vernon

Jenna Carlson

Carlson Dietmeier, Jenna
Degree conferred, May 2017: PhD
Dissertation title: "Beyond the Butcher's Block: The Animal Landscapes of Eighteenth-Century Chesapeake and Lowcountry Plantations"
Current Position: Review and compliance archaeologist

Carl CarlsonDrexler

Carlson-Drexler, Carl
Degree conferred, May 2013: PhD
Dissertation title: “Dooley’s Ferry: The Archaeology of Civilian Community in Wartime”
Current position: Research Associate Professor, The University of Arkansas.


Chapman, Ellen
Degree awarded, May 2018: PhD
Dissertation title:: "Buried Beneath the River City: Investigating an Archaeological Landscape and its Community Value in Richmond, Virginia"
Current Position: Cultural resource specialist

Sarah Chesney

Chesney, Sarah Jane
Degree conferred, May 2014: PhD
Dissertation title: “The Fruits of Their Labors: Exploring William Hamilton’s Greenhouse Complex and the Rise of American Botany in Early Federal Philadelphia”
Current Position: Archaeologist, Texas Historical Commission

Eaton, Melissa
Degree conferred, May 2014: PhD
Dissertation: "Grandfathers at War: Practical Politics at Delaware Town"
Current position: Anthropology Instructor, Metropolitan Community College-Longview, Lee's Summit, Missouri.

Jessica Herlich

Herlich, Jessica
Degree conferred, January 2017: PhD
Dissertation: Algonquian Taskscapes and Changing Landscapes: Archaeobotanical Findings from Tidewater Virginia
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Sustainability Studies

Patrick Johnson

Johnson, Patrick
Degree awarded May 2018: PhD.
Dissertation title:: "Vengeance with Mercy: Changing Traditions and Traditional Practices of Colonial Yamasees"
Current Position: Project Archaeologist

Mark Kostro

Kostro, Mark
Degree awarded, May 2018: PhD
Dissertation title: "On the Margins of Empire: An archaeological and historical study of Guana Island, British Virgin Islands"
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Archaeology


Lasisi, Olanrewaju
Degree Conferred : May 2023
Year Entered: 2016
Degree Sought: M.A./Ph.D.
Sub-field: Archaeology
Research Interests: : Historical Archaeology of West Africa; Power and Landscape; Sacred Landscapes; Comparative Colonialism; Archaeoastronomy; Ethnoastronomy.

Lightfoot, Dessa
Degree awarded, May 2018: PhD
Dissertation title:: "God Sends Meat and the Devil Sends Cooks': Meat Usage and Cuisine in Eighteenth-Century English colonial America"
Current Position: Project Archaeologist

Mahoney, Shannon
Degree conferred, May 2013: PhD
Dissertation: “Community Building after Emancipation: An Anthropological Study of Charles’ Corner, Virginia, 1862-1922”
Current position: Archaeologist, Stantec

Alix Martin

Martin, Alexandra
Degree awarded, May 2018: PhD
Dissertation title: "Mapping Ceremonial Stone Landscapes in the Narragansett Homelands: 'Teâno wonck nippée am, I will be here by and by again' "
Current Position: Archaeologist, Strawberry Banke Museum

Derek Miller

Miller, Derek
Degree conferred, May 2013: PhD
Dissertation: “A Medley of Contradictions”: The Jewish Diaspora in St. Eustatius and Barbados”
Current position: Assistant Director of Community Relationships and Engagement, University of Richmond

Mallory Moran

Moran, Mallory
Year entered: 2013
Degree sought: PhD
Research interests: Native Americans of Northeastern North America; Colonialism and the History of Science; Cultural Landscapes and Spatial Analysis; Historical Linguistics; Technology and Anthropology

Mueller-Heubach , Oliver
Degree conferred, May 2013: PhD
Dissertation: "From Kaolin to Claymount: Landscapes of the 19th-Century James River Stoneware Industry"
Current Position: Archaeological Field Technician


Nieves, Josué
Degree Conferred May 2021: PhD
Dissertation Title: "'These their women bear after them, with Corne, Acorns, Morters, and all bag and baggage they use:' An Archaeological History of Indigenous Households along the Rappahannock River, Virginia"

Ogborne, Jenn
Degree conferred, May 2013: PhD.
Dissertation: “ 'Setting the best table in the country': Food and Labor at Coloma Gold Mining Town”
Current position: Curator of Archaeological Collections, Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest


Ohman, Alexis
Degree Conferred May 2021: PhD
Dissertation Title: "Rations and Recreation: Comparative Zooarchaeological Analysis of Betty’s Hope Plantation and Shirley Heights Fort in Antigua, West Indies"
Current Position: Archaeologist for NAVFAC Atlantic

Phaup, Nancy
Degree conferred, May 2015: 2002
Dissertation: Discovering Childhood: Anglo and African American Children at Flowerdew Hundred Plantation
Current Position: Interim Coordinator, Richard M. Bowen Center for Local History and Adjunct Professor at VCU

Salamanca-Heyman, Maria
Degree conferred, May 2009: PhD
Dissertation: "Urban Archaeology of Early Spanish Caribbean Ports of Call"
Current Position: Language Instructor, Translator

Sayers, Daniel
Degree conferred, May 2008: PhD
Dissertation: "Diasporic World of the Great Dismal Swamp"
Current position: Assistant Professor, Dept of Anthropology, the American University, Washington DC

Shephard, Chris
Degree conferred, January 2017: PhD
Dissertation: The Materiality of Authority: Ornamental Objects and Negotiations of Sovereignty in the Algonquian Middle Atlantic (A.D. 900 - 1680)
Current Position: Preservation Program Coordinator, VDOT

Katie Sikes

Sikes, Kathryn
Degree conferred, May 2013: PhD
Dissertation: “Peripheral Vision: Mimesis and Materiality along the James River, Virginia, 1619-1660”
Current position: Assistant Professor of Historical Archaeology Public History Program Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesburo, TN
Current profile:

Turner, Grace
Degree conferred, May 2013: PhD
Dissertation: “An Allegory for Life: An 18th century African-influenced cemetery landscape, Nassau, Bahamas”
Current position: Supervisor, Research Unit of the Antiquities, Monuments, and Museums Corporation (AMMC), Nassau, Bahamas. The AMMC has responsibility for the preservation, presentation, and management of the archaeological resources, along with the cultural and architectural heritage of The Bahamas. The Research Unit is expected to research and publish articles and books on the history, heritage, and culture of The Bahamas.

Megan Victor

Victor, Megan
Degree awarded, May 2018: PhD
Dissertation title: "On the Table and Under It: Social Negotiation & Drinking Spaces in Frontier Resource Extraction Communities"
Current Position: Project Archaeologist


Winsett, Shea
Degree conferred, May 2019: PhD
Dissertation title: "It's Not Meant for Us: Exploring the Intersection of Gentrification, Public Education, and Black Identity in Washington, D.C.
Current position: I am working in HR/organizational development for the World Food Program, USA, a non-profit that supports the efforts of the UN WFP. I also teach part-time occasionally with recent position at Savannah College of Art and Design.

Woodard, Buck
Degree conferred, May 2013: PhD
Dissertation: "The Nottoway of Virginia: A Study of Peoplehood and Political Economy, c.1775-1875"
Current position: Faculty, American University; W&M Affiliated Scholar