Tour Guides

Walking Backwards Since 1693!

Interviews for Fall 2017 have concluded. If you are interested in joining the Tour Guide program, please be on the lookout for future announcements at the beginning of the Fall 2018 semester. 

William & Mary Tour Guides work for free (bless their volunteer souls). But their value to William & Mary, and the Admission Office specifically, is immeasurable.

Our Tour Guides are some of the most candid and well-spoken authorities you'll meet on campus. A good tour isn't so much the definitive story of William & Mary as it is the personal story of a William & Mary student.

Sidebars about the guide's friends ("My roommate just won a Marshall Scholarship"), famous alumni ("Jon Stewart is more like a god than a role model"), and colorful faculty ("Professor Holmes is absolutely terrific!") show how your Tour Guide, like all W&M students, is eagerly enmeshed in this dynamic campus community.

In short, our Tour Guides provide a dynamic and engaging example of the W&M student experience. 

Please contact [[bjharlan, Senior Assistant Dean Brad Harlan]] at 757-221-3983 with any questions.