Admission Office Opportunities

We've got Tribe Pride, yes we do! We've got Tribe Pride, how about you?!

Learn how you can be involved in the admission office and assist us in recruiting the best and brightest students to William & Mary - students just like you.

Spring Programming Interns

Spring interns support the Admission Office's admitted student programming efforts throughout the spring semester. Projects include event planning, volunteer recruitment, support and training as well as others as interest and opportunities arise. Applications are due via email to or as a hard copy to the Undergraduate Admission Office by Friday December 15th at 5:00 PM. Contact [[kcmaccagnan, Senior Assistant Dean Kate Perry]] with questions.

Summer Interns/Senior Interviewers

Aside from admission professionals, our Senior Interviewers are the only people on campus who help us to select the incoming class. This position is a highly-paid, selective, full-time summer internship opportunity for rising W&M seniors. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, conducting interviews with prospective applicants, giving campus tours, assisting with information sessions, and assisting prospective students and families in the lobby and on the phone.  The position begins in early June and run through the middle of August with the option to continue into the fall semester.  Join us for our Senior Interviewer Information Meeting scheduled for Friday, December 1 from 4:00-5:00 PM in the Undergraduate Admission Office, 116 Jamestown Road. Application is due via email to or as a hard copy to the Undergraduate Admission Office by 5:00 PM on Wednesday, Decebmer 20. Contact [[kcmaccagnan, Senior Assistant Dean Kate Perry]] with questions.

Multicultural Recruitment Interns

Interns play an integral role in multicultural student recruitment, serve as liaisons between the Undergraduate Admission Office and student organizations on campus, and assist with clerical duties related to the freshman application process. It is the responsibility of the student interns to assist in the planning and coordinating of various recruitment programs aimed at varying groups of potential applicants. Contact [[jegriffin, Assistant Dean Jerome Griffin]] with questions.

STEM Panelists

STEM Panelists inform prospective students and their families about the tremendous STEM resources and opportunities that exist here at W&M. STEM Panels take place on Mondays and Fridays from 1-2pm in the Admission Office. Panelists participate on one panel each week. Contact [[bjharlan, Senior Assistant Dean Brad Harlan]] with questions.

Tour Guides

Walking backwards since 1693, Tour Guides serve as our primary ambassadors to over 25,000 visitors per year. Tour Guides exude Tribe Pride...and they walk backwards! This is a volunteer position which requires a commitment of 2 hours per week and select Saturday commitments. Tour guides are interviewed each September/October and any freshman, sophomore, or junior can interview. Contact [[bjharlan, Senior Assistant Dean Brad Harlan]] with questions.

Tribe Ambassadors

Be the first face visitors see at W&M! Tribe Ambassadors are student volunteers who spend their time chatting with prospective students and their families. They alleviate the worries of high school students, talk about what it means to be a student at W&M, and lay the foundation to an incredible campus experience. The conversations will most often take place in our office; however, available Ambassadors also have the opportunity to take their job out of our office. On Mondays and Fridays, interested volunteers are able to take prospective students under their wings and show them a typical day in the life of a W&M student. Tribe Ambassadors take students to their classes, eat lunch with them, show them their dormitory, and introduce them to friends giving them an experience to remember. While in the Office, the time commitment is 1 hour per week and about 3 hours (10:45am-1:50pm) one to three times per semester for the shadow days. Tribe Ambassadors are also required to participate in one Saturday information session a semester, which is a 1 hour commitment.   

Becoming a Tribe Ambassador is a great way to get involved with the Office of Undergraduate Admission and to interact with prospective students. Your stories and the ability to relate to visiting high school students is invaluable to us, and to those students you speak with. If you have any questions please contact [[ tsstephens, Assistant Dean Taylor Stephens]].

Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays is an excellent opportunity to be involved with the College's recruitment efforts! The program is our effort to connect current William & Mary students with those college bound seniors who are checking us out. We are looking for W&M students to return to their high schools and spread the word about what makes William & Mary unique. If you are interested in returning to your high school to meet with prospective W&M freshmen, please contact [[druburkett, Assistant Dean Dominic Burkett]].

Transfer Student Interns

Transfer Student Interns help transfer students past, present and future. Transfer Student Interns work closely with the Office of Admssion and are an intergral part of our Prospective Transfer Days. To apply, please contact [[wmlink, Senior Assistant Dean Whitney Pitschke]].