Transferring from Richard Bland College

William & Mary welcomes applications from students from Richard Bland College.

Admission for RBC Transfer Students

There are two paths for guaranteed admission to W&M for Richard Bland students.

  • Guaranteed Admission: The Guaranteed Admission Agreement [pdf] guarantees admission to RBC students who complete a transfer-oriented Associates degree with certain conditions. NOTE: the Guaranteed Admission Agreement does NOT include admission into the Mason School of Business.
  • Bridge Program: This allows currently enrolled students at Richard Bland to take courses at W&M while pursuing their associate degree and while working towards completion of the Guaranteed Admission Agreement. Contact Celia Brockway (804-862-6100 ext. 8533) at RBC to find out how. (Letter of Intent [pdf]).
  • Promise Scholars Program: In order to ease the transition into William & Mary, the Promise Scholars program is designed for Virginia residents who are eligible for a Pell Grant. Richard Bland College will select a small cohort of Promise Scholars each year who will receive scholarship funds to enroll in William & Mary courses taught on the campus of Richard Bland College. Students who successfully complete this program will receive guaranteed admission to William & Mary with junior status. For more information about enrolling in this program, please contact Celia Brockway (804-862-6100 ext. 8533).

Even if you meet all the requirements for guaranteed admission, you must complete the application to W&M. We recognize that some students may fail to meet the requirements spelled out in the Guaranteed Admission Agreement [pdf]. You may still be considered for admission - follow the standard transfer student application procedure. Students transferring from a two-year school with an associate degree and a cumulative GPA above a 3.5 are generally competitive applicants.

If you have not completed the associate's degree, we welcome your application, but admission to W&M is not guaranteed. You should have strong grades in rigorous courses to be competitive.

W&M offers application fee waivers to students applying from RBC. When you are applying to William & Mary, please email [[transfer, Transfer Director]] to obtain your coupon code to be used at the time of application submission. In the email, include your full name and CAS ID. In the subject line, put "request for the RBC fee waiver coupon code." 

Transferring Your RBC Courses

You should plan your college courses carefully using the Richard Bland College Course Equivalencies [pdf] to maximize the course credits that can transfer to William & Mary. You may be able to transfer into W&M with some of your COLL and proficiency requirements fulfilled as well. We recommend that you have fulfilled your language and mathematics proficiencies before coming to W&M. Your coursework will be officially evaluated by the University Registrar after admission. 


William & Mary grants junior status to entering transfer students who come from Richard Bland College with a completed Associate of Arts, Associate of Sciences or Associate of Arts & Sciences degree in a baccalaureate-oriented program. You may wait until the end of your first semester at W&M to declare your major. The courses you take at RBC will determine your readiness to take advanced courses at W&M. We recommend specific courses you can take while at RBC to create a pathway [pdf] towards your intended major.

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