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Economic Development

We're not just a university, we're an economic engine.

As a public university, William & Mary is proud to be an important partner in the economic success of Virginia. Our students and faculty don’t work and learn in a bubble. Their intellectual, professional and social lives are enriched by meaningful interaction with the greater Williamsburg community and the wider Hampton Roads region.

Here's the best part: when W&M succeeds, so does Virginia. According to a recent study by Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service, William & Mary contributes nearly a billion dollars and more than 5,000 jobs to Virginia each year. And that only measures direct economic impact on payroll, construction, student and visitor spending, to name a few specific areas.

The indirect impact of W&M on the local community and state economy is even more valuable. Our economic development office is eager to connect our faculty and students to opportunities to work with business, non-profit, academic and public partners in collaborations that strengthen our programs and contribute to new economic opportunities both here and throughout Virginia. [[jgsumms,Contact us]]. Our expert faculty and students can help your business research new technologies, develop business plans and test new product ideas.

Looking to spark a new business? Consider the Alan B. Miller Entrepreneurship Center at the Mason School of Business which provides the leadership, vision and hands-on experience needed to support students and other business visionaries pursuing entrepreneurial careers.

And let's not forget William & Mary's greatest asset: our incredible students. Learn more about the crucial role that W&M service plays in the success of the Williamsburg community.