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Reaching out and changing lives.

Each year, William & Mary students volunteer for more than 245,000 hours of service. Calculated at minimum wage, that adds up to about $1.8 million. But the real value of their work is immeasurable, both for the communities they serve and the students themselves. In community engagement at W&M, students and community partners develop mutually-beneficial, community-driven projects. Whether they are one-time events or regular partnerships, students learn about the social issue they address in service so they have a background of understanding before beginning to serve.

The Office of Community Engagement connects W&M and the community to support students’ development as active and educated citizens and to promote positive, community-driven social change. The office’s vision is that students will prioritize working within and understanding community in a lifelong pursuit of social justice.  

Explore Service Opportunities 

They have active partnerships with over 90 local non-profit agencies and schools, and more than a dozen community organizations across the country and around the world. Here are just some examples of what our students are involved in:   

  • 200 W&M students partner with 8 schools and neighborhoods to serve as tutors, mentors and classroom assistants
  • $40,000 in grant funding is provided to students participating in funded local internships and completing community engagement projects during breaks and throughout the year
  • a dozen groups of about 12 students each participate in alternative breaks around the world through Branch Out alternative breaks
  • hundreds of students participate in large scale service days, partnering with local community groups like Avalon and the Habitat ReStore
  • through the Civic Leadership Program students learn and practice the skills of active citizenship through course work, direct service, and funded summer community engagement projects

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