Fall 2015 Golden Griffin Recipients

Lauren Garrett - First Year Experience

Core Value: Student Centeredness - September 2015
This year's new student orientation was a perfect example of Lauren Garrett's commitment to collaboration with student centeredness being the goal. This year's orientation and FYI programs and activities included strong partnerships with Academic Advising, Arts & Sciences, Athletics, WMPD, Dining Services, and CW in addition to working with all Division thematic areas. But nothing showed Lauren's commitment to students more than what she did at Convocation. There were a couple of students on crutches who did not want to walk through the Wren Building for fear they would slow things down. Through Lauren's encouragement they eventually walked through as the final students, with returning students still cheering. These new students were awe-struck by the welcome and Lauren was in tears. She made their day!

Mark Weston- Dean of Students Office

Core Value: Professional Excellence - September 2015
Mark has proven to be a stellar values-driven professional who places student well-being above all else. Aside from his excellent student conduct work, Mark has undertaken the responsibility to manage the technology in our office. He has spear-headed a transition to a completely paperless office, developing workflows, training our staff, and merging multiple technologies. This fall, through Mark's diligence, the Dean of Students Office eliminated paper forms, reducing the hassle for students and providing significantly better tracking and faster processing. It is important to know that Mark did not have to take on this initiative--he volunteered out a sincere commitment to quality of process and service to students. His sustained commitment has allowed us to reach our technology goals ahead of schedule.  Mark is an outstanding example of a committed professional, and we are appreciative of all of his contributions.

Chandler Agett - Sadler/Campus Centers

Core Value: Collaboration - October 2015
It is a pleasure to nominate Chandler for a Golden Griffin for the value of collaboration. Since his arrival at William & Mary, we have been fortunate to tap into Chandler’s immense expertise and talent in both audio visual and student development.  We recognize and appreciate Chandler’s interest in collaborating with colleagues within the Sadler and Campus Centers, in the Division, and across the University.  Many times, the team of Jeff and Chandler solve problems - McGyver style - that ease the concerns of colleagues and save the University money. Finally, Chandler’s attention to student development is fantastic.  Students admire and respect him, and he is an outstanding coach to the students by helping to develop their strengths while working toward common goals.