Freeman Award

The Freeman Award was created in 1998  to celebrate outstanding performance by an administrative professional in Student Affairs.  Like the Chambers-Reid Award, it is an acknowledgment of work performed with excellence and with exemplary spirit. The award honors the service of Teresa L. (“Pete”) Freeman, who for 22 years was the secretary and office manager in the Office of the Dean of Students and subsequently in the Office of Student Affairs (once that office was created). Her work ethic, the excellence, precision, and speed with which she performed her duties, and the consistent calm, maturity, and cheerfulness she applied to her interactions with students, faculty, staff, and parents are legendary. This award honors Pete’s legacy by recognizing those qualities as exhibited by members of the support staff today.

Please nominate a deserving member of the Student Affairs staff for the Freeman Award.

Past Recipients
Semester Recipient  Office 
JANUARY 2018 Katy Sabala First Year Experience
AUGUST 2017 Dana Anderson-Radcliffe Residence Life 
JANUARY 2017 Lisa Garrett Residence Life
AUGUST 2016 Marcia Pinnock-Jones Dean of Students
JANUARY 2016 Linda Hicks Campus Recreation
AUGUST 2015 Laura Smith Residence Life
JANUARY 2015 Lorraine Bartlett Counseling Center
AUGUST 2014 Anita Forrest Student Leadership Development
JANUARY 2014 Dawn Worsham Dean of Students 
AUGUST 2013 Evelina "Sissy" Wright Student Health Center
JANUARY 2013 Karen Baird Dean of Students
AUGUST 2012 Shelley Paulson VP's Office 
JANUARY 2012 Liz Gentry Community Engagement
AUGUST 2011 Melissa Flewellyn Residence Life
JANUARY 2011 Julia Brown Career Center
AUGUST 2010 Kathy Glindemann  Dean of Students
JANUARY 2010 James Holmes Recreational Sports
AUGUST 2009 Christine Ladnier VP's Office
JANUARY 2009 Margaret Connolly Student Activities
AUGUST 2008 Beverly Tyler  Campus Center 
JANUARY 2008 Dana Anderson-Radcliffe Residence Life
AUGUST 2007 Karen Alleman Dean of Students
JANUARY 2007 Carolyn Ringler Student Health Center
AUGUST 2006 Dorothy Causeway Residence Life
JANUARY 2006 Sherry Baker University Centers
AUGUST 2005 Teresa Lemons Career Services
JANUARY 2005 Charlotte Jackson Dean of Students
AUGUST 2004 Cheryl Corvello  VP's Office
JANUARY 2004 Christine Britton Student Health Center
AUGUST 2003 Alice Lasher Student Activities
JANUARY 2003 Sue Anker Dean of Students
AUGUST 2002 Barbara McGrann Career Services
JANUARY 2002 Anita Hamlin Student Activities
AUGUST 2001 Linda Hicks Recreational Sports
JANUARY 2001 Betsy Eckard Residence Life
AUGUST 2000 Linda Williams Student Activities
JANUARY 2000 Pamela Garrett Career Services
AUGUST 1999 Millie Arthur Residence Life
JANUARY 1999 Lorraine Bartlett Counseling Center
AUGUST 1998 Wendy Urbano Dean of Students